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Rollout of the websites

FWA Site of the day November 05, 2010

Once connected to the site, Buzz & Woody accidentally land in your profile and try by all means to get out of it, even if it means doing some damage and even scratching your friends by the way. As for Bob Parr and Elastigirl, aka the Incredibles, they cheerfully fight over your page. Finally, Sully & Bob (Monstres & Cie) are even ready to scare your friends to escape! Between the surprise of seeing Buzz Lightyear addressing your friends and seeing Mr. Indestructible use his strength on your profile photo, you will not be amazed!

Thanks to an innovative and unprecedented use of Facebook Connect, the device allows Internet users, once connected to, to see their favorite heroes navigate in a faithful reconstruction of their own Facebook page and interact with the elements of their wall. Personalization technology also offers different scenarios depending on whether the user is a woman or a man. Internet users have the possibility of fueling the “buzz” by sharing the experience with their friends, still via Facebook.