Muoi Tran

Digital Marketing, Digital Production, Content Strategy

Working on the Wireless Accessories, AT&T Digital Experience in the Digital Merchandising Studio.

AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications company, the largest provider of mobile telephone services. The online shop for phone accessories includes cases, screen protectors, & headphones.

The Merchandising & Experimentation Studio brings ideas to life through creative, strategy, design, copy, and experiments. The team has talented e-commerce strategists, producers, designers, copy writers, content and catalog implementers, quality analysts, release analysts.

My Role

Digital Management

  • Defining objectives and strategies for user experience and content.
  • Lead and manage the full lifecycle development and implementation of digital consumer marketing campaigns, promotions, content, and experience optimization projects for Wireless AT&T products.
  • Develop AT&T’s cross-platform strategic direction, improving digital experience through innovation.
  • Provide direction for graphic designers, copywriters, and front-end developers through content strategy, merchandising plans, and group meetings, helping to achieve site goals, by utilizing web best practices and clarifying strategic requirements.
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